The Takeback Tactic

Instead, we get a sustained attempt at delegitimization.

Not quite unrelated, Brad has started to request more homework on the Twitter:

@nevaudit When you’re not being manipulated, thinking you’re being manipulated might lend some support to a diagnosis of paranoia.

To which I replied:

MT Self-awareness in spades: @BradPKeyes demands for an example of manipulation or else invokes paranoia.

Bunnies might appreciate how Brad exploits his “skeptic” take backs:

  • abuse your interlocutor until compliance with your over or covert request;

  • when the request is [met], take back the abuse;

  • rince and repeat, [reiterating one’s wish] to have a “conversation”;

  • intersperse everything with lulz.

Willard should open a ClimateBall(tm) course (with a reasonable fee, of course, we do not have Heartland Institute backup to pay Willard) for beginners. It would save a tremendous amount of time for everyone.

bratisla, with an interesting idea!

Total Eclipse of the Moon (Song) (by NPR)

Fionn Regan warns against games where you’re outnumbered by faceless Wymen.

Dead Baby, Dead

Willard is dead.
Willard is silenced.
Willard has been defeated.

We won!

Oh. (No.)

Willard is alive!
Willard has issues.
Because IF We Made Willard
Do it, THEN BB.

May Willard get the hell out of our faces?




Elvis Costello and Chet Baker - You don’t know what love is (by Keith Takahashi)


A game where you make rules as you go along.

Manufacturing Windows

[I]n my day the Overton WiIndow was referred to as Manufacturing Consent.

I’d say that stretching the Overton window may be a way to manufacture consent, AnOilMan. The levels of descriptions seems to differ, just as Climateball operates at a lower level than the Overton window. Moves implement strategies that operate in total wars.

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