Against Reactionary Rhetoric

Merely pointing out what Judy has said in the past and finding conflicting statements later to show hypocrisy is not corrective action in good faith IMO.

Here’s what I did, John:

When Judy (rhetorically IMO) asked “what am I advocating for,” I pointed out that one can advocate against. A point that Steve Postrel seems to agree with. He called this a pothole, and I agree with him.

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The Bitching Hypothesis


I have little time, since I’m busy with rereading Popper at Bart’s. But I promised a link for Tol’s comment. Here it is:

Discussing mistakes in influential, published papers on important topics is not “bitching”; it’s called criticism, and it’s an important part of science.

I put this quote to make two points.

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This is getting stranger and stranger.

NG, “perhaps in the bizarro world of” ClimateAudit.

The Auditor’s Bot Walks into NASA’s Open Bar

[When discussing the ontological question "What Constitutes Hacking?", the Auditor recalled his “script” story. Here’s PDA’s comment, which won the thread at the time.]

Dishonesty aside, Rabett has now shown, quite conclusively, he has no idea how connecting to servers works.

Indeed, another clueless individual made a similar bone-headed suggestion:

If you do programmatic retrieval, it is usually considered good manners to insert a delay of at least 1 second between requests so as not to load the server [clueless].

Another idiot offered a link purporting to present “performance hints,” and added the inane observation that

While the execution time of a script can be significantly reduced by using faster CPUs, the invocation is disk I/O bound [idiot].

What a maroon!

Another fool said he

slept for a full 4 seconds between each station request and ran it overnight on the weekends [fool].

Clearly driven beyond the endurance of any normal man, Mr McIntyre’s response was

In retrospect, I would have put a sleep instruction – BTW how do you do that? [Auditor]

[See also my comment at Judy’s].

Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent) [1080 HD] (by The Silver Dubber)

The Takeback Tactic

Instead, we get a sustained attempt at delegitimization.

Not quite unrelated, Brad has started to request more homework on the Twitter:

@nevaudit When you’re not being manipulated, thinking you’re being manipulated might lend some support to a diagnosis of paranoia.

To which I replied:

MT Self-awareness in spades: @BradPKeyes demands for an example of manipulation or else invokes paranoia.

Bunnies might appreciate how Brad exploits his “skeptic” take backs:

  • abuse your interlocutor until compliance with your over or covert request;

  • when the request is [met], take back the abuse;

  • rince and repeat, [reiterating one’s wish] to have a “conversation”;

  • intersperse everything with lulz.

Willard should open a ClimateBall(tm) course (with a reasonable fee, of course, we do not have Heartland Institute backup to pay Willard) for beginners. It would save a tremendous amount of time for everyone.

bratisla, with an interesting idea!

Total Eclipse of the Moon (Song) (by NPR)

Fionn Regan warns against games where you’re outnumbered by faceless Wymen.

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