Betting on end of the world doesn’t make much sense.

crandles, showing how the Chewbaccattack can still remain constructive.

INTEGRITY ™ — We Rely on Evidence

From Is to Ought

Had Broker said:

  1. Climate changes because of CO2.
  2. There are risks coming from (1).
  3. Reducing CO2 emissions would reduces risks caused by (1).

he would be immune to Judy’s criticism. They all are factual claims. Yet it’s quite clear that we can hear what to infer from these factual claims.

Why is that? Because we listen to a broker B with some action A in mind. This action has some relevance R to the topic T under discussion.

The formula is therefore B x A x R x T.



INTEGRITY ™ — It’s about Thought Leadership.

[A comment that failed Judy’s moderation. I wonder why.]

> The subject of [who shall not be named] is not relevant to the climate change debate.

I disagree, Judy. Most of what may be called “the climate change debate” is a libertarian creation. Since you seem to have some kind of libertarian affinities, I believe you should agree that debates about proxies are proxy debates.

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The 29 Stages Of A Twitterstorm

Lots of steps in less than 141 characters.

Do you mean that after almost a decade you are finally going to get around to answering this question [When you remove the bristlecones and the Briffa chronologies, is there still a HS reconstruction?]?

Boris, noticing it’s been awhile.

Galaxy Song (by MontyPython)

Mapping Deforestation with Google Earth (by Climate Desk)

People have asked how to play Calvinball. It’s pretty simple: you make up the rules as you go.

Bill Waterson, who anticipated ClimateBall.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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