Why is Tone Trolling Silly?

The tone troll is wrong when he conflates civility with humaneness. It is quite possible to mock, tease, deride, vex “with all due respects.” Anyone with schooling experience should know that.

A tone troll would be silly to expect blog comments to show more politeness than mundane scholars’ gatherings. A tone troll would be sillier to believe that politeness safeguards against verbal violence or that politeness’ warnings will increase civility.

A tone troll would be right in saying that it’s more challenging, more inspirational and more fun overall to take the effort to mock, tease, deride or vex someone “with all due respects.” Like anywhere else, authenticity is key. But who can judge if an exchange really is authentic? Something between a mob and a deity always have to moderate.

PS: The Talion law should not be conflated with the Golden rule, nor the Silver rule.

Source: http://rabett.blogspot.com/2010/04/advanced-trolling-101.html