Bloggers with Attitudes

Andrew Dodds,

If you think tamino is harsh there, you should look at how philosophers debate. There are ways to call someone’s competence into question, and tamino’s blog post is not one of them. This is just blogging with an attitude.

Bloggers with attitudes are not to be taken seriously. Querents that ask tough questions are to be taken seriously. What are we to make of querents that ask tough questions backed up by blog posts containing abusive attacks?

All this is quite secondary to the topic of my question to tamino. Are we to take seriously interlocutors that switch topics? By chance I am not a scientist, that would give me the right to shame you.

Had tamino owned his schtick, I would not have minded much. But he contested that his blog post contained abusive attacks. Had I read Joshua’s post and tamino’s answer to it, I would not have bothered. Boys will be boys, I guess.

If you think tamino is a tough customer, try answering Andy Lacis’ comment reproduced here:

Somehow, when I read Andy Lacis’ comment, I hear a scientist at work. When I read tamino, I mostly read a blogger with an attitude. He should at least wait to hold the ball in the end zone to parade.

Quite frankly, I’m getting tired of bloggers with attitudes.