Speak to the Man and Woman

[Lewis Deane comes up with a moving comment.]

Life is hard, very hard, and wild, unimaginably wild, but, also, very ‘ordinary’, habitual, shall we say.

We get into habits of thought, of feeling, ways of orientating ourselves to the world, that, sometimes, become impossible to get out of. So that it is not ‘this is true’ or ‘I see this’ but ‘Would to God it was true’ and, if it isn’t I will see as such. The world is extraordinary and dangerous and to meander, as we do, through it’s treacherous depths is courage enough. So I blame no one, least of all Michael, who think they have found a straighter road. But I want a different courage, a new courage, that says, on the one hand, it sees the enormous and overwhelming complexity of the world and is not overly daunted, is not afraid, and, on the other hand, says I can live by hypothesis, I can be honest enough and humble to know that each step I take is a guess and a conjecture and there are others who are wiser than me and may have a better guess and conjecture – and, Lord, do I need them? Yes, there is ‘expertise’ and thank God for it. But we are all, ultimately ourselves, individuals, private folk, who must, I hope, make real decisions for ourselves. Yes, we may be obtuse, dullard, the ‘meer’ crowd but in the end any real political and, therefore, existential, meaningful, decision is with us. Speak to the man and woman, speak to us men and women. For we will listen.

(Source: collide-a-scape.com)