Driven Beyond the Endurance of a Normal Man

[PDA, a systems engineer, tries to salvage the reputation of sysadmins at the risk of his sanity]

> Dishonesty aside, Rabett has now shown, quite conclusively, he has no idea how connecting to servers works.

Indeed, another clueless individual made a similar bone-headed suggestion:

> If you do programmatic retrieval, it is usually considered good manners to insert a delay of at least 1 second between requests so as not to load the server.

Another idiot offered a link [1] purporting to present “performance hints,” and added the inane observation that

> While the execution time of a script can be significantly reduced by using faster CPUs, the invocation is disk I/O bound.

What a maroon!

Another fool said he

> slept for a full 4 seconds between each station request and ran it overnight on the weekends.

Clearly driven beyond the endurance of any normal man, Mr McIntyre’s response was

> In retrospect, I would have put a sleep instruction – BTW how do you do that?