You Know, Physical Climatology

[Michael Tobis answers MrPete’s mythological counterpoint that CA is mainly about statistics.]

[O]n the point that “the CA community has little appreciation for the deep knowledge that climate scientists do have” I’ve seen no evidence to the contrary. Has there ever been an article here saying “This paper knocked my socks off” “What a brilliant analysis” “This explanation made this particular phenomenon much clearer to me”…

How many here could even come up with a cogent explanation of the vertical lapse rate in the troposphere? Does anybody know what a Rossby radius is without rushing to Wikipedia? All this obsession with the global mean surface temperature and the attribution problem celebrates a tedious backwater that partakes not at all in the elegance and rigor of the geophysical fluids problems.

I could be wrong but I don’t see conversation here that is about, you know, physical climatology. And if you don’t know that I could see why you’re all hung up on thermometers, but that’s not what it’s all about at all.

If most of you don’t understand that, you are likely to put “climate science” in scare quotes and think it is about thermometers and thermometer proxies. It’s a pity, but it’s a fact that you are missing not only the mature science but also the fun part.

At least in my opinion. Some people have other ideas of what is fun, apparently.

As for who’s got chips on their shoulders, I’ll simply voice disagreement.

Anyway, it is kind of you to suggest that my expressing an interest in leaving is a “threat”, as though you might regret it. Unfortunately, it is not a threat, it is an intention. I am waiting for this thread to run out of steam and then I’m out of here.

However, I will go so far as to say that I never intended to imply “that people here are not professionals with useful expertise”. That’s nonsense; I don’t believe it and would not have deliberately said it. If I left such an impression I sincerely apologize. While I wish you would use your talents in a more productive way, I certainly agree that there are genuinely skilled and smart and talented people here.