You Are Not Alone

You are not alone. Here are other people like you who believes that Jones “delete” email was inappropriate, or if you know any other testimony like that, you should send it to me via my tumblog. If we all come out and say it, it will get better.

It gets better already.

On the 2010-11-18, at 09:07 Bart V admitted:

Yes, there were indeed signs of inappropriate behavior in the emails (the request to delete emails ranks number 1 imo).

J Bowers, on the 2010-11-19, at 14:10, admitted:

I’d most likely accept that Jones thought there was a loophole […]

Even dhogaza agrees that deleting emails:

[W]as unethical and his buddies have said so.

Notice on that thread how JAE is not there to read but to mindframe, so dhogaza had to repeat:

I already said it [deleting emails] was unethical.

Even Mapleleaf, on the 2011-03-22, at 01:24:

Jones was an idiot for suggesting people delete emails for the purpose he was suggesting, that was plain wrong (even if he was under stress at the time), and I do not know of anyone (including “the team”) who disagrees.

Andrew Adams, on the 2013-05-10:

Well since you mention it, here is what I said over at Eli’s – I don’t mention Jones by name but I think it still counts. “UK FoI states that a body which received a FoI request must not take into account the identity of the person making the request, and I think this is absolutely right, so however much we might distrust the motives of McIntyre, David Holland etc., they were entitled to have their requests handled without prejudice and if (which is a separate question) the information they requested was subject to FoI they should have been given it. Ultimately the same applies to FoI as to any other kind of freedom – if you believe in it you have to be prepared to defend it for people you don’t like.” I’m sure I’ve said somewhere or other that Jones was an idiot for suggesting that people delete emails as well.