Sane People Don’t Want Children to Start Smoking

[BBD’s furor leads to an inspiring “Ed Begley Jr.’s moment”:]

Eventually, yes. This sort of thing has happened before, and eventually the science corrects itself.

What ‘sort of thing’ would that be, I wonder?

I’m sick, sick to death, of this endless, seeping insinuation that climate science is broken, ‘dogma’, fraud, conspiracy etc. It’s complete and utter bollocks. All of it.

Contrarians one and all: you have nothing. All the evidence contradicts claims such as Lindzen’s for a low sensitivity. It’s not the sun. It’s not caramelised onions floating in the stratosphere. It’s CO2. ECS is most likely just under 3C, TCR is most likely just under 2C, this is plenty bad enough news and sane people the world over now accept that. This is reality as perceived by realists. As opposed to dogmatic contrarians.

All ‘sceptical’ arguments have been show to be flawed. No coherent, robust sceptical scientific case has ever emerged. Nothing. All we get, in buckets, is smear, innuendo, misrepresentation and downright lies. What’s the difference between HI’s ‘murderers, tyrants and madmen’ and NIV’s ‘this sort of thing has happened before’ and ‘science is dogma’? Presentation. That’s what.

Respectful debate my arse. ‘Sceptics’ spend their days insinuating falsehoods about science and scientists on the most serious matter imaginable. See NIV above, repeatedly. Pretending to be reasonable all the while. ‘Use sceptics to improve the science’. Oh FFS spare us.

And doubtless someone will complain that I’m being rude. As opposed to justifiably furious. Save your breath. ‘Sceptics’ deserve everything they get and more besides. The endless, self-serving bleating about being bullied by nasty tribal alarmists is risible.

Oh, and one more thing. The reason that smoking in public places is being curtailed is because seeing it everywhere normalises the behaviour for children. Sane people don’t want children to start smoking. It’s really that f*cking simple.