Just a Quick Reminder

[This example shows why satire is stronger than daily shirt ripping:]

“Hey, Mike–check it out. I think your Tiljander proxies are inverted.” “Oh–thanks–dammit, more work, I guess.””Whoops! Those trees aren’t supposed to be used for temperature proxies! Call Rewrite…” “Dammit. More work again.””Not enough proxies, Eric. You’re spreading temperatures like peanut butter…” “Dammit. Back to the drawing board.””Excuse, me. Mr. Jones? You know those Chinese weather stations with stable histories you wrote about? Well, umm…” “Oh, wonderful. How do you spell Corrigendum?””Mr. Pachauri? Those Himalayan glaciers are not melting at anything like the rate that magazine said. It might be a thousand years before they disappear, if they disappear at all. And that’s if nothing at all changes.” “Hey, look–I’m just an engineer. Document it and put it up on the website.””Umm, folks, it looks like the polar bear survived the last ice-free period in the Arctic. They can swim hundreds of miles. Their population is growing–and it would be growing more if we didn’t kill 1,000 of them a year.” “Oops. My bad.””Hey, look–we gotta quit using malaria as an example of diseases that might spread. I know it’s sexier than rinderpest, but the fact is, malaria gets defeated by money, not cold weather. Get a picture of a cute little cow somewhere..” “Can I use my iPhone?””Well, will you look at that? Sea level rise is slowing down. I wonder why?” “You wonder why–I wonder how?” “More research… who’s got the grant template?””Hey–this dude on the internet just published a bunch of stories and diary entries from Russians about heatwaves. Some of ‘em go back hundreds of years and they sound exactly like what happened last year.” “Might be a study in that–call someone in Anthropology and someone in Russian studies.””Looks like we’re getting FOIA’d again. Just a quick reminder–do not delete any emails regarding AR4. And tell Keith, okay? He’s out sick and may not be checking emails.” “Okay.”

(Source: collide-a-scape.com)