David Rose Lies on the Mat #2

Fellow denizens,

Last week, Mosphit rolled the tape over my rewording of of Bob Ward’s claims in the form of “David Rose lies on the mat”.

Again for reference, here’s Bob Ward’s op-ed:


Here’s my rewording of Bob Ward’s second claim:

On the 2011-10-30, David Rose told his readers that “there has been no increase in world temperatures since the end of the Nineties”.

Here’s Ward’s original:

Rose was at it again on 30 October 2011, with another article for ‘The Mail on Sunday’, based on information passed to him by the Global Warming Policy Foundation, which suggested “there has been no increase in world temperatures since the end of the Nineties”.

For reference, here’s David Rose’s target article:


Moshpit comments:

I cannot find the quote which willard attributes to Rose.

Here’s the quote:

In fact, Prof Curry said, the project’s research data show there has been no increase in world temperatures since the end of the Nineties – a fact confirmed by a new analysis that The Mail on Sunday has obtained.

I am not sure my rewording suggests that David Rose shares the opinion he tells his readers. All it says is what David Rose told his readers, and he clearly told his reader so. To say that

So Rose did not tell his readers, Rose purports to quote CURRY.

makes no sense whatsoever. Even to fiercest proponent of parsomatics (e.g. Chewbacca) could not be able to defend the idea that David Rose is quoting Judy saying something without telling so to his readers. I don’t mean by that that he would not try, but he would be ill advised to do so against someone who did study speech acts.

If that’s not enough, it’s quite clear what is David Rose’s position on the matter. He told us so in the last op-ed we analyzed. So the “neutral” reading:

This article is basically provide a stage for Muller and Curry to fight it out.

has very little merit. Just looking at the captions suffices to prove that this might not be the proper way to describe what’s happening in that op-ed:

Hot topic: The plight of polar bears captures the hearts of many, but are the ice caps still shrinking? More: Scientist whose climate change research on polar bears was cited by Al Gore will face lie detector test over ‘integrity issues’ Poles apart: Former sceptic Prof Richard Muller, left, says the latest findings settle the climate debate once and for all. But Prof Judith Curry says such a claim is ‘a mistake’ Graph that fooled the world / Inconvenient truth Media storm: Prof Muller’s claims received uncritical coverage in the media this week.

If that’s not enough, we could also recall that Ross McKitrick gets some ice time in that op-ed.

So much the worse for the “You and Him Fight” transactional game.

However, we do note that Bob Ward’s sentence should have been made clearer: the claim that “there has been no increase in world temperature” etc. has only been confirmed by a “new analysis”, presumably by Lord Lawson’s hobby horse, as the emphasized bit shows. But this claim is presented as a quote from Judy’s herself.

This detail has been omitted by Bob Ward.

Considering the topic of this story, and considering Judy’s rubberstamping in the actual blog post, this is noteworthy.

We can confirm that this is not David Rose’s claim, it is Judy’s.

Considering what has been accomplished in that article, we might be more lenient on the choice of photos.

(Source: judithcurry.com)