The Silence of the Goat Busters


Thank you for your comment on my exchange with Richard Drake, allowing you to stay quiet on factual errors from his part while probing my mind.

/1. To use a concept I know you appreciate [1], we can interpret gatekeeping as a function of an in-crowd. This function does seem to characterize quite well an activity that is not unlike what is being hinted in this remark above:

Almost looks like they are ganging up on him.

Wink wink, of course.

The freedom of my wandering has little to do with the concept of gatekeeping [2]. A freedom which is conditional to our beloved Bishop’s editorial deleaturs, which are now subreptitiously less invisible in a most recent thread than therein.

(I don’t believe I am insinuating anything here: I don’t think I need to emphasize much more to make myself perfectly clear, at least to whom my comment may concern. Feigning anasthesia might not be advised, but please do go ahead and make me insist.)

/2. Standing aside these monkey wrenches, we can enter the crux of the matter:

If you believe that the warmie blogs have any virtue, you are deluded.

This sentence does seem to attest some understanding of what I am trying to convey, however (insert your favorite adverb here) I do, for it indirectly answers the last sentence of my last comment (with emphasis):

The honour Steve defends in his personal vendetta does not transfer to his mutualist niche.

I welcome this indirect response, since I believe it might very well be the most important sentence of that comment.

The indirection is quite revealing: you do seem to be saying “But”. But the “Yes” that comes before that sounds suffocated, to a point it’s as if we don’t hear it at all. Before the “but”, there should be a “Yes”, no? Tu quoques usually work like that.

Not only is this indirection a tu quoque, but it burdens me with a commitment I explicitely diavowed: I’m not here to defend any warmie blog. This exemplifies yet again the tactic that I just described as a frequent chasing technique.

Speaking of chasing techniques, perhaps you remember this documentary where hyenas ganged up on a weakened and young rhinoceros all night long. We could not see the end of if, only the last wails of the prey. Sometimes, some things are better not seen, I suppose.

What readers can witness in climate blogland might have been enacted more crudely since the dawn of time in the Serengeti.

/3. What I am saying right now about the editorial content of the main post, the concept of gatekeeping, and this last chasing technique has already been described by Ron Broberg, answering the question:

Why this Constant Scapegoating? [3]

I hope this suffices to show that I am being quite topical, that my cryptic style does not prevent me from carrying the climateball into the endzone, and that my nonchalant meandering is mainly there to dodge monkey wrenches.

As the efficiency of your last comment makes quite clear, Shub, I am confident readers can appreciate how good you are at what you do.

Please do continue,