Why on Earth Would Anyone be Happy?

Why on earth would anyone be happy?

This was a figure of speech. It is alleged that the Erinyes were never quite happy, even when they should have been. Perhaps it was a part of their social function, if we’re to borrow a concept our fellow Shub is holding dear, or their bias, if we’re to borrow our beloved Bishop’s new ringtone.

Which was the point of my first comment hereunder, underhandedly censored. Procrustes would have been proud of the pea and thimble machine the contrarian blogland has developed. It is quite able to produce an indignated shriek or a sardonic laugh day, in day out, to a point where there is no valid reason to surmise that it will end after Mike’s demise, if that were to happen.

Contrary to mine, this kind of audit will never end.