Our indifference to how we share the fruits of our intellectual labors is a betrayal of our calling to enhance the spread of knowledge.

Steven Pinker, asking for less auditing and more editing.

Which I wish to say is this
There is no beginning to an end
But there is a beginning and an end
To beginning.
Why yes of course.
Any one can learn that north of course
Is not only north but north as north
Why were they worried.
What I wish to say is this.
Yes of course

Mediating Concerns

[In response to the Auditor’s “What’s your point?”]


My first point is that mediation (the topic of this blog post) should seek to prevent the phenomenon of having posts which start in the middle of the conversation, which arguably is the nature of more than your blog.

My second point is that I’ve heard your Ammann story more than 20 times, at the very least. This habit of yours (not only yours, I concede) might render the first point less definitive than one might think. If your conversations were as easy to recollect as Ammann’s “bad for his career” line, which I surmise is the whole point of recollecting this particular story over and over again, then I guess most of your posts would not start in their middle.

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Preemptive Audit

[Richard finally provides references for survey design he deems proper.]

Thanks. Finally!

I think the keystrokes were introduced for perceptual studies, to inspect record rates that are in ms or less. This could be useful here to discriminate raters that would have followed the Auditor’s advice:

Note that I suggested that readers spend equivalent time to those who responded to Lew’s survey. If, for example, you don’t care about the quality of your answer or you are answering the question the same way – as some Lew respondents did -, it takes scarcely any time to fill out the survey. **Indeed, if one were so inclined, one could submit multiple responses very quickly.** If one were so inclined, HideMyAss.com enables IP address changes in the blink of an eye as well.


Our emphasis.

Perhaps that suggestion belongs to the doctrine of preemptive audit.

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Stephen Fry mansplains how to lead a successful audit.

On Priors

[*Me and Eli resurrect crypticism*.]

Why on Earth Would Anyone be Happy?

Why on earth would anyone be happy?

This was a figure of speech. It is alleged that the Erinyes were never quite happy, even when they should have been. Perhaps it was a part of their social function, if we’re to borrow a concept our fellow Shub is holding dear, or their bias, if we’re to borrow our beloved Bishop’s new ringtone.

Which was the point of my first comment hereunder, underhandedly censored. Procrustes would have been proud of the pea and thimble machine the contrarian blogland has developed. It is quite able to produce an indignated shriek or a sardonic laugh day, in day out, to a point where there is no valid reason to surmise that it will end after Mike’s demise, if that were to happen.

Contrary to mine, this kind of audit will never end.

Fame and Glory

Being inconveniently right is rarely the route to fame and glory I’m afraid.

I’m afraid the route of fame and glory, like any business venture, nowadays requires op-eds, press releases, and many other forms of social engineering. Even then, the route comes with a gamble, since our results need to serve someone else.

I doubt fame and glory is worth our only life on Earth, but others may disagree about that.

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