I don’t think that users of the term “denier” are in any position to complain about the use of the word “pogrom”.

Steve, deferring to readers on this point and amending his title to “cleansing”.

Dressing up Alinsky’s Tactics as Science


Thank you for your #578, which brings many issues worth paying due diligence.

Sometimes, Steve sounds like he’s agnostic. That’s what I like about him, for I share this attitude. I don’t believe I need to have an opinion about the climate, and if I had one, I know what its worth would be. The only related belief I’m willing to fight would be my belief in inference to the best scientific explanations.

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A Squadron of Strawmen Eating Red Herrings

I’m suggesting that your
Bad hominem’s a bad omen:
It labels a squadron of
Strawmen eating red herrings
On board of a black helicopter
On its way to your house,
Figuratively speaking.

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Tedious and Transparent

[DaveH explains the shirt-rippin’:]

@Robert Grumbine

Your warmist/fascist association is interesting and warrants study. My own opinion is that warmist is insidious enough as it is without any extra associations. By casually labelling opponents in this way, firstly the “-ist” implies an attachment to an ideology (as in marxist, socialist, communist, fascist). This is strengthened by the repetition and association, reducing a scientifically based standpoint to a simple belief.

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Endearing Activism

The activists have seized upon, and then amplified, some key emotional hooks.

Sounds quite endearing.

Let’s test it:

"Dad, when I grow up, I want to be an activist!"

Depends on the dad, I suppose.

What about you, Keith?

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Contemporary Sophistry

[With this comment at Keith’s, I might have discovered what I was looking for when I first started the Neverending Audit.]

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Into the Irony Kit

Indeed, Eli, I had a vague idea that this [labor camps] was not rosy. But looking around the various historical implementations tends to show us the potency of the bagage our metaphors are carrying. You can say it’s just a reason to browse Ze Wiki too.

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Speech Pattern

It might be a good time to recall the suggestion to identify specific assertions, behaviors, claims, doctrines, instead of naming persons, groups, or types that might assert, behave, claim or endorse these.

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