How to Become a Team Captain

How-answers can also hint at the what-answers, e.g.

— Do I have cancer?

— Yes.

— Is it curable?

— Yes, but the treatment costs, is painful, and entails risks.

— Should I get the treatment?

— If you want to live, it might be a good idea.

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I’m sorry to be rude

Steve, in a post where ThePolicyLass calls him for making an “unsupported and overreaching” claim, “to be polite”, or a non sequitur, as Norbert puts it, where he concludes that here reasoning, here as elsewhere, is pathetic.
Rocky: [to Ginger] Over in America, we have this rule: if you want to motivate someone, don't mention death.
Ginger: Funny, the rule here is, always tell the truth.
Rocky: Boy, that's been working like a real charm, hasn't it? Let me give you some free advice: you want them to perform? Tell them what they want to hear.
Ginger: You mean lie?
Source: Chicken Run
Tallbloke: Something should be done about the hypocrisy in this debate.
Science of Doom: I wonder why tallbloke is commenting on this blog, after accusing me of dishonesty on his own.

BBC News - George Monbiot and James Delingpole on climate change

Let’s get ready to rumble!