Betting on end of the world doesn’t make much sense.

crandles, showing how the Chewbaccattack can still remain constructive.

Good Night, Climateballers

I think it all started to go wrong with Willard […]

FYI, the thread started to go wrong with TonyB’s right from the start:

[w] Here, a suggestion to reduce all carbon taxation to a single-page.

[TB] Please don’t get me started on taxation.

[w] Who is Richard Tol? Please don’t shriek “BUT OUR POOR ELDERS WILL DIE!” again.

[TB] Why shouldn’t I do that?

[w] Because it’s a tired line.

[TB] Where did I ever said that?

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Uncharitable and Ungentlemanly

[Chewbacca’s modus operandi is quite easy to grasp.]

Notice how the discussion switched from the blog rules to the indexation of this site. And now that you are backpedaling, readers might get the impression that Chewbacca was right all along. Because that’s what matters, right: being right all along.

Notice how he took your reply (“see if I care”) as an argument. This has the interesting effect of not having to deal with my own reply, which was an argument, which questioned Chewbacca’s invocation of the blog rules. Chewbacca is quite obviously applying a double standard here, don’t you think?

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The Chewbacca Conjecture

My takeaway from MMarler’s comment is that the question as originally posed is unintelligible.

Please, bluesea, channel your inner Chewbacca and say that the question makes no sense.

Channeling our inner Chewbacca might always be possible: we could conjecture that with enough parsomatics, any speech act can become unintelligible.

Let’s call this the Chewbacca Conjecture.

This conjecture is inspired by Searle’s Principle of Expressibility [i.e. one can always say what he means].

A obvious lemma is that conversation space where both the conjecture and principle hold makes for a NeverEndingAudit.




Perhaps you would like to be reminded of the word pinteresque:

In a typical Pinter play, we meet people defending themselves against intrusion or their own impulses by entrenching themselves in a reduced and controlled existence.

And thus we could say that while we’re waiting for Godot, some of us are pinkerly whirling.


Chewbattack and Defense

Brad Keyes,

Please bear in mind that the Chewbacca defense is not the Chewbacca attack.

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I, for one, prefer to be called a “denier” rather than “skeptic” because the word “skeptic” indicates that I am genuinely open-minded about the question whether AGW is nonsense.

Motl, embracing denialism.