Willard should open a ClimateBall(tm) course (with a reasonable fee, of course, we do not have Heartland Institute backup to pay Willard) for beginners. It would save a tremendous amount of time for everyone.

bratisla, with an interesting idea!


A game where you make rules as you go along.

People have asked how to play Calvinball. It’s pretty simple: you make up the rules as you go.

Bill Waterson, who anticipated ClimateBall.

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Many people on the [contrarian] side (most, probably) just want to use my stuff as ammunition to bolster their prejudices[.]

Jim Bouldin, seeing the big, big difference it takes to do science or not.

I’m on the mound and fan is behind home plate, dressed in a funny costume, jumping up and down to be distracting. The only qustion is – can I waste a pitch to bean the silly ass.

timg56, engineering an hard ball data game.

Our high assessed confidence that the recent warming is mostly human-driven, and that the costs will become large if the warming becomes large, do not primarily rest on how much warmer or colder today is than some particular time in the past, or even on how fast the recent changes are relative to those in the past.

Richard Alley, reminding us that we’re being played, folks.

It takes leadership to maintain dignity. Running blogs with comments sections filled with the wailing of hyenas shows no leadership whatsoever.

The Benshi, in TONE MATTERS: Stupid, stupid science bloggers.

ClimateBall - The Game


Still thinking about moves and games. But basically, my point was that there is a need to distinguish levels: moves are posts, comments, tweets, etc. At this level we could have a tactical analysis, if we accept that tactics lies at the contact point between the players.

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