Why I Hate Your Freedom

Now with more statism!

if sceptics’ never-ending audit is really damaging policy, that may be more a reflection of an overly scientised policy process than a basis for denying them a voice in debate.

Warren Pearce, with kind words for everyone except “those who favour free market policies over regulation certainly have ample motivation to chip away at climate science if they think it will cast aspersions on the basis for policy”.

Use Adjectives

INTEGRITY ™, about excessive regulation and irrational fear


Whatever James Delingpole,
Regardless China,
Subsidies, subsidies, subsidies.

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Anger, confrontation and provocation

Jonathan Green, suggesting that this is the foundation of the populist business model.

Climate Change, energy security, and economic stability are inextricably linked, says the Pentagon.

A Show of Hands

[W]ith a tax, the price is set not by the market, but by the legislators’ personal beliefs about the costs, which of course people disagree on.

Since there is no such thing as an unregulated market, there are always taxes. If we follow Nullius’ argument, the price is never set by the market, and can therefore never be as “objective” as his claim would presume preferable.

Some hands are more visible than others.

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The Last Reader

I used the word “fear” for a reason.

Again with a commendable forthrightness.

Fears always have a reason, unless they don’t.

I fear using the word “fear” always have a reason, even by chance. For instance, in an old podcast from her delightful The Signal, the suave Laurie Brown is telling this story about Julian Barnes, who, in Nothing to be Afraid Of, is tempted to speak to his very last reader:

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