Uncharitable and Ungentlemanly

[Chewbacca’s modus operandi is quite easy to grasp.]

Notice how the discussion switched from the blog rules to the indexation of this site. And now that you are backpedaling, readers might get the impression that Chewbacca was right all along. Because that’s what matters, right: being right all along.

Notice how he took your reply (“see if I care”) as an argument. This has the interesting effect of not having to deal with my own reply, which was an argument, which questioned Chewbacca’s invocation of the blog rules. Chewbacca is quite obviously applying a double standard here, don’t you think?

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That’s an interesting line to take on a blog that has “Method Wrong Answer Correct = Bad Science” as a mantra.

pete, spotting Ross McKitrick being a little upset about someone seeming to make a big deal out of errors that he believes don’t matter.

I am against hypocrisy and over-promotion

Steve, wishing Merry Chrismas and that he’d not fall into either category.

Mr. Mosher knows my email, and has my telephone number, and mailing address, and so far he hasn’t been able to bring himself to communicate his concerns to me directly, but instead chooses these potshots everywhere.

Tony, suddenty realizing how things work in first life, whence it’s standard practice in the auditing sciences.

To change behavior, criticize in private, praise in public

Judith Curry (?), thanking (?) Steve on CA (?) for reminding her these wise (?) words.

Meanwhile, Judith Curry reads a paper that discusses confirmation bias and concludes that it proves she’s been right all along.

People need to distinguish between the function of social institutions and the individuals who inhabit them.



I did not know that there existed an acronym for “It’s OK If You’re a Republican.” That does sound like another way to talk about entertaining some kind of double standard, and I believe the concept of double standard deserves due diligence.

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(Source: judithcurry.com)

Again, I’m not saying there’s no fire here. But perhaps we should take a sober look at what we expect to find as a scientific “control” for this examination.

MrPete, more moderate when comes the time to audit Heartland
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