Willard should open a ClimateBall(tm) course (with a reasonable fee, of course, we do not have Heartland Institute backup to pay Willard) for beginners. It would save a tremendous amount of time for everyone.

bratisla, with an interesting idea!


A game where you make rules as you go along.

if sceptics’ never-ending audit is really damaging policy, that may be more a reflection of an overly scientised policy process than a basis for denying them a voice in debate.

Warren Pearce, with kind words for everyone except “those who favour free market policies over regulation certainly have ample motivation to chip away at climate science if they think it will cast aspersions on the basis for policy”.

Res ipsa loquitur

Bart R gets the Neverending Audit.

willard — How many times do I have to tell you not to pet Schrodinger’s cat.

David B. Benson, thinking it messes the entanglement.

Willard can Retire

[MattStat makes me blush:]


I must say that you have been very disciplined, accurate, clever and persistent at following the structure of the dialogue here. I usually try to avoid long repetitive dialogues, and I usually try to avoid addressing persons and I try only to address ideas. but I have reread a bunch of your posts, and I want to complement you on keeping your head when some (the always unnamed “some”) about you were losing theirs and blaming it on you.

(Source: judithcurry.com)

Down that path goes only Willard, and unwillingly at that.

Eli, wilfully ignoring that volition is not that tough to fin in a mechanical universe.

He simply refuses to play your game. That takes discipline. and commands respect.

Moshpit, with his kindest moment in my regard.

The delphic gnome of cryptic doom

Chief Hydrologist, showing zest and gusto.
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