He simply refuses to play your game. That takes discipline. and commands respect.

Moshpit, with his kindest moment in my regard.

One could even argue that Mosher is one of the few people with the right assortment of circumstances, and associates, to understand the significance of the Climategate files and the technical expertise to post them on various locations using open proxies, a method hackers use to hide their identities while online.

Patrick Courrielche, lukewarm about Moshpit’s version of the Miracle. As auditors are fond to say: “lots of theories”.

Playing dumb so I give him the simplified answer, then pretending he’s all wise and Socratic because the simplified answer’s not the whole story? Yeah, tricksy about covers it.

pete, finding that “tricksy” covers if for the bending machine.

On day one I posted what McIntyre calls Mosher’s Greatest Hits. There are the mails that get quoted over and over again. […] There is not much outside the few mails called out by FOIA and me on day one.

Very simple to construct a keyword list: scrape climate audit and pull out terms from that site that are popular, names as well. What you end up with is a collection of mails that look interesting to readers of CA.

Moshpit, leveraging information.

maybe we dont come here to read you keith
maybe we come here to fight with each other
and hope that you announce us as the winner
because we like how you write.

Willard is more like sergio aragones, whose best work is in the margins totally unrelated to the text in chief, but entertaining nonetheless.

Don’t encourage people like willard to look squarely […] He actually might.

Moshpit, either presuming that I don’t look squarely, or that he’s not showing things squarely.

He just made it easier to do.

Moshpit, aware that Trentberth made nobody do it.
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