Illegitimi non carborundum.

PDA, in the heat of the moment.


PDA, quietly laughing to himself.
Keith’s Gang fight, PDA’s finest work ever.

Keith’s Gang fight, PDA’s finest work ever.

I don’t want my central point to get buried again.

PDA, being able to detect the parsomatic shovel even after midnight.

Harvard Negotiation Project: 5 Lasting Rules For Negotiating Anything

  1. Don’t Bargain Over Positions.
  2. Separate the People From the Problem.
  3. Focus on Interests.
  4. Invent Options for Mutual Gain.
  5. Insist on Using Objective Criteria.

Your Pompous Ass

[PDA chuckles a bit while impersonating the voice of the USENET past.]

> What a stupid thing to say.

It was an accurate thing to say. Claiming that you don’t do something “very often” when there’s documentary evidence that you do it “very often” might be described with the adjective you used.

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PDA’s Law

[PDA hereunder declares his Law:]

I am herewith declaring PDA’s Law:

As a blog comment discussion grows longer, the probability of someone invoking approaches one.

“Someone is wrong on the internet” is, ultimately, the topic of every comment discussion and many if not most blog posts [1]. Arguments (well, and porn) are the raison d’être of the Internet. Let’s not be ungrateful.


A pulled punch will always trump a hunch

PDA, not pulling up his hunches


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