If I said blouis79 assumes that gravity doesn’t exist and you asked me to prove this ridiculous point, I would need to demonstrate that you assumed it, not that gravity existed.

If Claes “no photons” Johnson is successful in his endeavor to persuade the world that photons don’t exist then it will be a fascinating year (whichever year it is) – or decade – for physics.

Science of Doom can relish some snarky moments.
Tallbloke: Something should be done about the hypocrisy in this debate.
Science of Doom: I wonder why tallbloke is commenting on this blog, after accusing me of dishonesty on his own.

Reading one good text book on climate science can save 100′s of hours of reading rubbish on the internet.

Conceptual problems are the hardest to get around.

To create data you need a theory.