Driven Beyond the Endurance of a Normal Man

[PDA, a systems engineer, tries to salvage the reputation of sysadmins at the risk of his sanity]

> Dishonesty aside, Rabett has now shown, quite conclusively, he has no idea how connecting to servers works.

Indeed, another clueless individual made a similar bone-headed suggestion:

> If you do programmatic retrieval, it is usually considered good manners to insert a delay of at least 1 second between requests so as not to load the server.

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Do Climate Auditors Dream of Electic Sheeple?

Jeff Norman, commenting Steve’s refusal that his “program” be called a robot.

James Hansen and his disciples have a more jihadist approach

Steve, “just making the observation.”

I came across an incident described and discussed on one of the threads: Mr. McIntyre was attempting to get some data from The Tree-Ring lab at the University of Arizona. He had difficulty and assumed his IP was specifically being blocked. Rather than contacting the sys admin for help to resolve the issue ā€“ or simply inquiring regarding the nature of the problem ā€“ he assumed nefarious intent, managed to get the data he desired via other means and brought legal action against the University for withholding data. It was a technical problem that affected others as well, took some time to track down and resolve, and had absolutely nothing to do with him. What an egotistical dolt.

Eldon Degraw: Hate to nitpick, but according to Steve’s own timeline above, he doesn’t find an error and point it out to NASA. He find an error and posts it on his blog. If his motives were really altruistic I would’ve expected the email to NASA to come first.
Steve: I noted the error on August 3 and sent an email to NASA one day later on August 4. I sent the notice to NASA as a matter of courtesy, not altruism.

Well, Iā€™m having a little fun.

Steve was having fun two years ago.