Back to the “slow and dim witted horse”.

Steve, spinning like a gadfly, with slightly arched eyebrows.


The Auditor, addressing Nick Stokes by his nickname.

“real climate scientists” do not hesitate in excluding data ex post because it goes the “wrong” way

The Auditor, ex post.

It is taking all my will power not to make an obvious comment at this point.

Steve, in a post entitled The Marcott-Shakun Dating Service which ends with Are you an ocean core that is tired of your current date?

I sort of like Texas Sharpshooters.

Steve, envisioning more urban cowboys than rodeo, to the joy of his readership.

mini wingman

Steve, referring to Naomi Oreskes.

I like the Forrest Gump image.

Steve, reminiscing his interaction with Andrew Weaver.

Perhaps Overpeck feels that the term “getting rid of” is a little too Tony Soprano-ish for the “Director of the Institute for the Study of Planet Earth”, whereas the term “dealing a mortal blow” has the right sort of Arthurian cadence for Overpeck, who would rather be cast as Sir Launcelot than Tony Soprano.

Steve, perhaps with just a vocabulary thing.

Lots of times, it seems that authors are trying to shoehorn mundane (but useful) practical results into “novelty” criteria – serving neither especially well.

Steve, shoehorning the word shoehorn in climate blogland.
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