You could just talk circles around a corkscrew in a blender on a pedalboat in a tornado.


Bart R, distilling 10 rules of intellectual honesty.


NG, preemptively striking before a statistical example he did not get from any applied statistics journal.

What would persuade you?

Richard Telford, coming up with the first question one should ask a contrarian before entering a discussion.

Anger, confrontation and provocation

Jonathan Green, suggesting that this is the foundation of the populist business model.

Reality is an optical illusion caused by alcohol deficiency.

Nick Stokes, recalling his University time during the Holocene.

Science is a bloodsport cloaked in collegiality.

Repeating a deception does not make it true.

A very tall guy with a good ringtone.

Go ahead. Keep stalling.

BartR, unaffraid of playing chicken with one.
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