I sort of like Texas Sharpshooters.

Steve, envisioning more urban cowboys than rodeo, to the joy of his readership.

A cynic might even point out that there was more money for studying tree rings if you hooked it up with climate change, than in dating pueblos. Sort of like adding in a terrorism angle if you’re looking for government funding for municipal works.

Steve, almost defining the Kyoto Flames as people trying to get a temperature history from tree rings.

Gleick was a member of the editorial board of Climatic Change.

Steve, network analyzing.

What is the Team?

To follow on grypo’s audit, I note that Eric already dissociated himself from any Team:

I’m not on “The Team”.


This was vintage 2006.

I believe the proper term should be the Kyoto Flames:


The Calgary Flames is an Hockey team, for the hockey-challenged people like Nick Stokes.

Anyone who would like some help to take into consideration bender’s advice to “read the blog”, CA that is, can contact me via my tumblog.

(Source: realclimate.org)

Smells Unlike Team Spirit

[Jonathan Gilligan observes that scientists can be a disagreable bunch.]

I don’t see a team ganging up on the truth in a dark alley.

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(Source: collide-a-scape.com)

I’m not on “The Team”.

Eric Steig, in a post scriptum, alluding to the Kyoto Flames

Maybe that’s why the team won’t release code and data. They are afraid they will be replaced.

David_a, in conclusion of a DOS story.

While we experimented in the early days with names for the Team – there were obvious suggestions like Flame and Heat – I sort of like Texas Sharpshooters. I think that their costumes should be more urban cowboy than rodeo, something along the line of the one below, the ersatz Bollywood interpretation capturing Ammann’s statistical style rather nicely, I think.

Steve, finding another name.
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