On the Inexistence of Any Consensus

There is no consensus.
If there was, we wouldn’t know.
If we knew, we wouldn’t be able to spell it out.
If we could spell it out, it would not matter.

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Good Night, Climateballers

I think it all started to go wrong with Willard […]

FYI, the thread started to go wrong with TonyB’s right from the start:

[w] Here, a suggestion to reduce all carbon taxation to a single-page.

[TB] Please don’t get me started on taxation.

[w] Who is Richard Tol? Please don’t shriek “BUT OUR POOR ELDERS WILL DIE!” again.

[TB] Why shouldn’t I do that?

[w] Because it’s a tired line.

[TB] Where did I ever said that?

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Parrhesian Parody

Even in a parody of parrhesia or
A lukewarm comedy of menace
Two wrongs should not make one right.

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Sometimes we’re wrong.
We don’t know anything.



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David Rose is on the Mat

Trying to please the Can’t Get No Satisfaction algorithm by rewording David’s misdemeanours in about the same form than “The cat is on the mat”**.

On the 2010-12-05, David Rose told his readers that AGW has stopped in the 1990s.

On the 2011-10-30, David Rose told his readers that “there has been no increase in world temperatures since the end of the Nineties”.

Three months later, David Rose recycled the same story.

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Mouthpiece. Fake alarmist. Fake alarmist. Political agenda. YesButClimategate. Alarmists. Fake-alarmist view. Scandals. Bogus. Alarmist. Alarmist. Alarmist. Alarmism. Alarming. Alarm. Alarmist. Bogus.

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My Favorite Page from the Trelawney Mining and Exploration Inc Website.

Quality Asset.
Positioned for Success.
Strong Market Support.
Disciplined Business Model.

Social Responsibility. Under Construction.

New Focus. New Future.

Beyond My Control

Your side.

Makes me do it.

Please stop making me do it.

I just can’t resist.

It’s beyond my control:



If I say you’re evil, it’s to dismiss you. I say it but I don’t want to talk about it.

If I do prove that you’re evil, I don’t need to say that you are.

Saying you’re evil is a shortcut. It shortcuts our dialogue.

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