Nobody knows what to do

Steve, explaining the “tremendous acrimony” in the climate blogosphere

In my opinion, the entire Ohio State ice core program should be put on probation by the NSF until they’ve archived their entire data set – not a small task given over 20 years of systematic non-compliance.

Steve, again showing that CA is about statistics.

Hey folks, if you think that requesting the review comments is a good idea, you do it. It’s a simple cut, paste, edit and email.

Steve, just sayin’.

One nice thing about having a blog with traffic is that when I get one of these silly bureaucratic responses, I can display it to others. I don’t waste one second getting angry or indignant with bureaucrats (contrary to what people allege), but I don’t accept it either. I’ve got a large enough audience that some bureaucrats may not want the bad publicity of having their pointless obstruction exposed and hopefully will redress the situation.

Steve, not wasting one second getting angry.

Everyone in IPCC WG3 should be terminated and, if the institution is to continue, it should be re-structured from scratch.

Steve McIntyre, minding his business metaphor after having discovered that a Greenpeace employee was a Lead Author.

Standing to file such a complaint is not limited to the direct victims of the plagiarism […] but can be filed by anyone.

Steve, inviting.

Perhaps the best way to honor Bradley’s newfound anti-plagiarism zeal would be for someone to file […]

Steve, dog-whistling.

[T]he most important outstanding scientific issue appears to me to be the amount of “water cycle” feedback, including clouds as well as water vapor. This controls the “climate sensitivity” to increased CO2.

Steve, retrospectively back-handing to Lindzen and Koutsoyiannis.

For actual technical points, you are are really just trying to interest people in what you’re doing rather than presenting information that is going to convert anyone.

Steve, with an interesting counsel which turned out to be a myth.
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