How Internet Fighting Works

How Internet Fighting Works

The Internet is not for sissies.

Your Pompous Ass

[PDA chuckles a bit while impersonating the voice of the USENET past.]

> What a stupid thing to say.

It was an accurate thing to say. Claiming that you don’t do something “very often” when there’s documentary evidence that you do it “very often” might be described with the adjective you used.

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The Ghost of Usenet Postings Past

The Ghost of Usenet Postings Past

I blame it on dopamine and rationalisation.

Scrooge does not blame it on the Intertubes.

Let’s Blame the Intertubes


Thank you for your response. I got tired of waiting for Andrew. I sit now with an espresso in a mug.

I think Andrew is getting a bit edgy because if you look at the 2007 claim, it looks a lot like the 1995 claim. You know, the old trick about the “fact” that there was no warming since 1995. (The very same Richard used that one too, but let’s not digress: I surmise he used them all.)

So on the face of it, a skeptic must agree that the rhetorical ploy looks very similar. It’s all déjà vu all over again. In fact, my actual comment too. And yours too, we must admit. Why do we keep repeating ourselves?

Let’s blame the Intertubes.

Source: Frames and Narrative in Climate Science | Climate Etc.

Remember the readers, later.

Remembering Hank Roberts, who remembers that the Internet is an eternal process.