How to Set the Scientific Record Straight

[A lesson in ombudsmanship.]

Mr. Watts: Just to set the scientific record straight, you are misinterpreting the “17 years” statement in the 2011 Santer et al. JGR paper. That statement was based on an analysis of CMIP-3 control runs, with no changes in external forcings. This is clearly stated in paragraph [30] of the 2011 Santer et al. paper:

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Until They Push an Hockey Ball around Mt Kailash with Their Nose

[Steve Milesworthy’s comment deserves more diligence than the quote I’ve underlined at the time.]

What comes through when you read the emails is that none of the scientists think they are hiding any inconvenient science. Even if you think their conduct is underhand, they have genuine motives to suppress what is largely accepted in the science community to be bad science.

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Breathe, reply.

àƒÆ’àanàƒÆ’à‹Å“, also called Dan0.

As an aside, I’ve left because I got the answer I was looking for (dont rely on the dendro reconstructions, at least not yet), and because I’ve decided that Steve is very bright and very good and I don’t trust his honesty.

Lee, with a conclusion that has merits.

Apparently, Steve, for you speculation trumps evidence whenever it allows you to make accusations against climate scientists.

Tom Curtis asks, with yet another critical comment that did not appear in my RSS feed.

Notice the reply: “Can you give me a page reference to the triptych in Lamb 1988 or are you just throwing a spitball against the wall?”

You’ve Been Getting sloppy

[faustusnotes has some interesting things to say about arrogance and verbal abuse.]

RomanM, if you want me to drop the arrogant and abusive manner, try associating yourself with a blog that doesn’t accuse other people of f*** and incompetence. A well-mannered post saying “I don’t understand what Lewandowsky did” is very different to a vicious post saying (and I quote)

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A first post at Michael’s, telling the story how I came to distinguish between two stances: good ol’ skepticism and something new to me that I will call incredibilism.

While the organ grinder refuses to admit his instrument is badly out of tune (#80), there seems little point in staying around just to listen to the squealing of his monkeys.

Tom P, not staying around in spite of a collegial welcome by the CA crowd.

You can’t be serious.

Steve, perhaps being serious.
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