On the Inexistence of Any Consensus

There is no consensus.
If there was, we wouldn’t know.
If we knew, we wouldn’t be able to spell it out.
If we could spell it out, it would not matter.

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At the bottom of great doubt lies great awakening. If you doubt fully, you will awaken fully.

Talk Like a Skeptik

[Here’s how lolwot raises economic concerns.]

We skeptics of Economic Alarmism don’t deny that carbon taxes impact the economy, we just question how much they impact the economy, whether the impact will be positive and negative and whether it is really worth worrying about them.

So far proponents of Economic Catastrophe have failed to provide Empirical Proof that carbon taxes will harm the economy in any substantial way. All they have is flawed economic computer models and hand-waving. We should not worry about the impact of carbon taxes until it can be proven they cause harm.

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What would persuade you?

Richard Telford, coming up with the first question one should ask a contrarian before entering a discussion.

MM the Rational Skeptic

The rational (or scientific) skeptic insists on empirical evidence (see Feynman) before accepting the validity of a hypothesis.

Let MM be a rational skeptic as defined by the above quote.

MM crosses the street.

MM sees a car converging on him.

Onlookers hypothesize that it will hit him in three seconds.

MM keeps walking, confident that it won’t hit him.


Lack of empirical evidence.

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Honoris Causa


Thank you for your answer. I share your conservatism in the usage of “scepticism”. My interest for the moment is the usage of the term “skeptic” in Groundskeeper’s political hit job.

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Dressing up Alinsky’s Tactics as Science


Thank you for your #578, which brings many issues worth paying due diligence.

Sometimes, Steve sounds like he’s agnostic. That’s what I like about him, for I share this attitude. I don’t believe I need to have an opinion about the climate, and if I had one, I know what its worth would be. The only related belief I’m willing to fight would be my belief in inference to the best scientific explanations.

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A string of “yes” leads to an improv show. The first “no” leads nowhere.

Bart R, manufacturing improvs.
Why climate sceptic is a misnomer. Check the small print
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