So why snip off my summary underneath?

Tom P, being parsomatically snipped.

Yes, but RC Moderation

[A commenter under the name of OzJuggler came into the thread of the moment at Steve’s to interject a question, “as is often the case” at Gavin’s. This comment by OzJuggler got ignored. More than that, it got snipped. If you click on the sourced link, if should lead nowhere. That’s where the comment appeared at first.]

I just posted this comment at your most relevant article on the topic, but since that is 7 years old you may not see it, so sorry for the repeat.

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On this issue, Ed Miliband is simply wrong.

Roger Pielke Junior, discounting the fact that Miliband might not be wrong, but having a different solution because he starts with different assumptions.

[Interestingly, that comment did not make the cut: it never passed the moderation phase.]